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PTSD in the Military

Today I’m going to talk about PTSD in the military. Post-traumatic stress disorder commonly called PTSD is an anxiety disorder, an illness that people may develop months after a traumatic event. It makes you feel stressed out and fearful, even after the threat of danger is gone. It affects your …
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Teaching Consequences to Your Children

Most parents want to protect their children from pain but there are times when their efforts are actually a mistake. When children suffer because of their own behavior you may need to step aside. Kids need to learn that choices have consequences, sometimes hard ones, and the earlier they learn …
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The way you feed your newborn is ultimately the first nutrition decision you will make for your baby. The guidelines on breastfeeding and bottle feeding will help you make the correct decision that’s right for you and your child. Most doctors say breastfeeding is the best for newborn babies. American …