Important things that every expecting moms should know

The life of a couple changes when they become parents. Having a baby can change the life of people especially women. She needs to sacrifice her time, likes and everything for her baby. A newborn baby comes with joy and several new responsibilities. The couple has to be very careful in handling and feeding the baby. This is a challenge for expecting moms and dads. They have to learn about several things to have a smooth and happy journey during and after pregnancy. Here are some of the things women must know when expecting a baby.


  • Expecting moms will find changes in their body. They find their belly growing big.
  • They have to say goodbye to a comfort and convenience sleep. For example, they cannot lye on their shoulders and they cannot flip their body because they carry the baby inside them.
  • They have to eat for two members. They have to eat healthy recipes. Whether they like them or not they have to include those recipes in their meal plan. Sometimes they will be made to compromise their tasty buds and likes by avoiding tasty unhealthy items. For every hour they need to be eating nutrition rich fruit juices and vegetables.
  • Both the mom and dad will come to learn some new skills. They will learn to master the car seats to carry baby and change the baby diaper as well. They will also learn about holding and feeding the baby.


  • Find help is one among the things included in the do list. Many hospitals offer classes for expecting moms and dads on several aspects of baby care and pregnancy. These classes will cover everything from baby care, baby safety and health.
  • Even they can talk to another parent and get suggestions and help regarding baby preparation. Expecting moms can ask other women some questions regarding the diet or discomfort management they had.
  • Preparing the room and other things for the baby will be exciting and joy. When the baby grows and learn things so will they.


These are all about taking baby steps. Expecting moms can read books, quiz their mommy neighbors and friends or browse the web to prepare for a new life that includes a baby. There are also classes provided by hospitals and health care centers to teach expecting parent about baby care, baby developments and many more. Some women may fear of their baby sleeping more than 16 hours. Some babies sleep for more hours than normal. Majority of mothers of newborn babies said that hardest part of pregnancy is lack of good night sleep. They feel hard to compromise their comfort sleep. They will get many wakeup calls from their little ones at night. They can get help from spouse to take care of the baby at night. However, the pre and post pregnancy gives more discomfort and responsibilities to mothers; they feel joy and more exciting to raise a baby. They can manage the baby preparation with guidelines of doctors.